Cybercops Data-Bit

Destron with Annihilator

Code Name: Destron - Given Name: James Alberts - Destron is a strategic thinker and plans the munitions needed for an attack. He creates and supplies 'Power Force' with the finest weaponry known to man. 'When he hits the streets, be prepared to see rockets fire!' - Weaponry: Annihilator - The Annihilator is a three piece, dual action, high powered machine gun. It operates in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. This mega machine gun is housed in a bomb proof weapons case.
Annihilator weapon

A renamed Mars-Bit & Try Shot which includes a very G.I. Joe styled file card on the back. Like G.I. Joe, Destron has a civilian identity, James Albers, and function, strategy and munitions planning.

Unlike Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop the details were painted on instead of being included as a decal sheet.

The Packaging

Destron with Annihilator in box
Destron with Annihilator box back

Out of the Box

Destron with Annihilator box contents

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