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Power Force

Power Force: The ultimate police force of the future
Zero Section Armed Police logo Power Force: In the year 2010 'Power Force', the highest ranked members of 'Z.A.P.' (Zero Section Armed Police), patrol the streets of America. Equipped with the best in scientific technology, 'Power Force' makes Ameria the safest place to live. The members of 'Power Force' are known for their abilities in computer information analysis and cobat readiness. Each member of 'Power Force' is armed with a top secret case, containing titanium weaponry. Revered as the most powerful police force in America, 'Power Force' keeps the street free from the menacing Death Trap organization.

When Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop reached the US in 1994 it was renamed Power Force. Although still armed and working in Zero-Section they were no longer constables (possibly using the same "children just won't understand" logic that changed the first Harry Potter book into The Sorcerers Stone). This also allowed for the creation of the catchy ZAP acronym.

Zima Products (no relation to the beverage) released Power Force exclusively through Kay*Bee Toys in the US. This reissue line was manufactured under a sub-license from Takara and included a 1994 Toho copyright. The copyright information from the chambers was removed, possibly because they were not being made available separately.

Power Force: collect them all, featuringDennou Keisatsu CybercopDennou Keisatsu Cybercop releases

If you look closely at the "Collect Them All!" photos from the back of the box you may notice that they are the original Japanese versions. In the photos you can see that they still have the metal chest armor which was replaced with a paint application on the figures in this line. All of the packages are labeled "Item No. 501".

Kay*Bee Toys price tag $12.99 'marked down' to $7.99

This line was released was during the era of Kay*Bee Toys' "Instant Clearance" phase where new toys would arrive already marked down to convince kids that they were getting a special deal. The price tags would be printed with an inflated price, then crossed out in red pen and the real price written in. Transformers Machine Wars and Tech Wars (an Exo-Squad repaint line) were some of the other Instant Clearance lines. This practice continued for quite a while, to the point where they even updated their price tag printer to print the cross-out and faux handwritten sale price. I remember seeing a newly-arrived box in the store with a sheet of price tags attached to the side, every one with a perfectly identical "clearance" price in red.

All five characters were released with new names: