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Spark-Man ZAC Mega Talkie

Future Spark Man Story: In 199X Seoul City by the 'ZAC' equipped with modern scientific technologies detectives fought against crimes as a 'Spark Man' armed with the special alloy gear displaying high abilities in the information analysis. The high speed battle and attacks but a formidable crime group 'Death Trap' stood in their way.

These toys were made by Haedong Systems Corporation in Korea. The ZAC logo was reused along with the original Japanese packaging design. At a quick glance, it would be easy to mistake these for an original release. On a closer look, it's clearly not authentic with a different numbering system (8801) and the Korean superhero Spark Man prominently featured. There are no copyrights on either the packaging or the toys just a "made in Korea" declaration.

Mega Talkie in box

A knockoff of the wristband walkie talkies with built in FM radios.

Mega Talkie box contents
Mega Talkie Instructions

From my research, it appears that there was a 30 second commercial for the Mega Talkie. Sadly the page where I discovered that is no longer available so I've mirrored their screen captures below.

Mega Talkie commercial screen captures

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