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Space Robot

Space Robot Logo

This Space Robot line was distributed by "A.J.F.Toys Int'l" and is one of at least three Power Rangers Hybrid lines.

I suspect that this is like the Trendmasters Power Robot/Power Bots/Metal Robot situation where one set of molds was used to create multiple lines. This may even be another Trendmasters-adjacent line since the "ultra chrome" logo is very similar to the one used by the Power Robot line:

Two logos side-by-side: Ultra Chrome Action Figure & Ultra Chrome Bendable Action Figure
Power Robot's "Ultra Chrome" logo on the left, Space Robot's on the right

Pink Ranger

This figure appears identical to the boxed "801" Pink figure from the line I'm referring to as Power Rangers Hybrid with "Car".

Pink Space Robot figure on card

The packaging is fairly generic and only has printing on the front - the back is plain white. Just below the series logo is the bold "ultra chrome bendable action figure" logo. At the very bottom of the card is a "collect all 5" blurb and "Copyright © 1994 A.J.F.Toys Int'l Made in Taiwan." My copy of the figure was produced by Toyco Taiwan LTD and imported into Italy according to a sticker attached to the front.

Pink Space Robot Italian import sticker
Produced by Toyco Taiwan LTD. address...
Imported by toy distributors Curno - Bergamo - Italy
Toy compliant with the requirements of D.L. N. 312/91
Not suitable for children under 36 months
-according to Google Translate

At first glance I thought that the card was re-purposed for this figure because it indicates that the figure is "bendable" and that there were only five figures to collect. Also, the Italian import sticker is on top of another rectangular, factory-applied, sticker that is covering some of the card's printing. However, upon closer examination I realized that the card has a printed outline around the figure that matches it exactly - including the Jupiter-Bit shoulders. After seeing that, I began to think that "bendable" is a translation error for "poseable". I'm still torn over what's beneath the large purple sticker but, as this is the only packaged copy I've seen, I doubt that I'll make the attempt to peel it off and find out.

Pink Space Robot figure sticker
Mysterious factory-applied purple sticker

Blue Ranger

We're not 100% sure which line it's from but here is Lars Groeneveld's Blue Ranger figure for reference:

Photo of the hybrid figure - blue Power Ranger torso with gold Cybercop limbs
Photo by Lars Groeneveld

Not surprisingly, there are no visible copyrights or manufacturer's marks.

Photo of the back fo the hybrid figure - blue Power Ranger torso with gold Cybercop limbs
Photo by Lars Groeneveld

It is made up of a slightly scaled down version of the 1993-era Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Blue Ranger head and torso with chrome gold Mars-Bit limbs with white accent pieces. Lars discovered the scale change with an original Bandai 8" Power Rangers gun which did not fit into the holster of his figure.

Close-up of the head and torso
Photo by Lars Groeneveld
Close-up of the right arm
Photo by Lars Groeneveld
Close-up of the right arm with the weapon clip open
Photo by Lars Groeneveld

Here it is with an official Green Ranger figure.

Photo by Lars Groeneveld. (Note, the pistol has been modified to fit into the hybrid's holster)

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