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The Power Robot line was distributed by ToyCenter and, although there is no mention of Trendmasters on the packaging, the figures bear the same copyright as the Power Bots line.

These figures have the same basic color schemes found in the Power Bots line, but with much less chrome. Not only did they come with the 3-piece chest armor, but also all of the additional armor pieces not found in the Bots. Also included along with the weapon was a pair of the Linear Speeder skates cast in the same color as the main figure. Chrome was limited to the head, armor and boots. Although the side armor was included, these figures still just have a peg hole instead of the original articulated connector.

Figures as shown on the back of the card

While a visual improvement, this line suffered from poor quality control. I purchased a Purple figure from Walgreens that included only a left wing, and a misassembled one at that, with the bottom wing-tip for the right wing. The Thunder Arm was undersized so that it doesn't fit into the forearm clip properly. The third armor piece doesn't lock into place as well as it did in the other releases.

This line appears to be the rarer of the Trendmasters lines as I have yet to see any appear on eBay, in fact, including the one in my collection I've seen a total of six figures.

A complete set of four were pictured together in a single Action Figure Archive post - unfortunately the photo is no longer available there so I've mirrored it below:

Power Robot full set on card - by matt

Photo by "matt" posted to Action Figure Archive on Aug 9, 2006 at 9:14pm

The sixth, and most recent, example of the blue figure is from @rad_graphics on Instagram.

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