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UltraChrome Elite Galactic Guard

In 1994, Trendmasters manufactured this simplified budget line for a much wider release than Power Force. This release dropped the Black Chamber and all armor, except for the 3-piece chest piece. Every thing in this line was chromed except for the hands and joints which were done in white and yellow respectively. The hip mold was simplified, removing the articulated connector where the side armor used to plug in. All figures came with a silver chrome Try Shot rifle.

Named for their gleaming chromium armor, PowerBot UltraChromes, are the elite galactic guard. Part man and part machine, they patrol the universe using the most advanced weaponry and technology to maintain peace and order. Aside from housing the latest generation of advanced stellar weaponry, their armor uniform is made from radar-evading stealth compounds, making them virtually undetectable by unsuspecting criminals, until it's too late! They're the ultimate fighting force!

On eBay, these are the fairly common although not as common as the Power Force figures.

Another, less shiny and more generic, series of Power Bots was produced using different molds that more closely matched the Power Rangers appearance.

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