Cybercops Data-Bit

Poorly Scaled

At first glance, this figure for sale on Mercado Livre appears to be a kitbash - and a bad one. It's made up of a Power Robot-style head on a smaller-scale body, Mighty Morhping Power Rangers belt, golden chrome torso and shoulder armor and feet, blue armor on the forearms and legs with black legs and peach arms. The most striking element, aside from the oversized head, is the evil-looking face depicted within a purple circle on the chest.

All of the armor is removable: the full-chest and full-hip armor separate into front and back pieces and the gold shoulders, blue forearm, thigh and calf armor pieces all detach. What's left is a skinny, mostly black figure with large peach arms. Without the armor, the head looks even more bobble-like.

Even discounting the head, this figure is poorly done, with two left hands and two left antenna. The shoulders are bizzare, like a short-sleved shirt, and were clearly designed mainly as an attachment point for the oversized arms.

But, in the photos with the armor removed, you can see that the Cybercop hands are riveted to the arms and the arms are riveted to the shoulders. A low-quality knockoff to be sure, but it does seem to be intentional.

Unfortunately, since the figure is loose, there is no indication of what the line might have been called or where it was distributed only that it ended up in Brazil.


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