Cybercops Data-Bit

Armor Removed Knockoffs

I have never seen these in person and only know about it from one post on Mandarake from 2013 (in Japanese). I refer to them as "Armor Removed Knockoffs" because these are packaged in copies of the Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop boxes but the figures are not wearing their torso armor. The color on the boxes, according to the poster, is darker than the original. If you can get a look inside you will see the armor sealed in bubbles on the backing card and pre-assembled unlike the original releases where the parts were all on trees. According to the poster, the figures are copies of the Power Force releases without the extra piece of torso armor and including the ZAC sticker on the Black Chambers.

All five figures were released and the photo shows Mars-Bit, Saturn-Bit and Mercury-Bit packaged in replica STD boxes but that they do include Black Chambers. Jupiter-Bit is packaged in a copy of the deluxe version box. The signature weapons are not visible in the photo but are presumably inside the Black Chambers.


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