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Metal Robot

Metal Robot Logo
Ultra Chrome Guardia Galattica d'Elite

In Italy, GIG & Trendmasters released the Power Bots figures under the Metal Robot banner. Like Power Bots, these figures include the three part torso armor in gold chrome plastic and a silver chrome Try Shot weapon.

E' una grande collezione galattica! Acciaio Blu, Metalblaze, Galactic, Sideral

As you may imagine, it is difficult to research this line with such a generic name. So far I have only been able to track down Metalblaze, marked on the card as Item #30164.

Metalblaze on card - front view
Metal Robot card back

Here is Metalblaze with Power Bot Metablaze. As you can see, the two figures are completely identical.

Metalblaze with Power Bot Metablaze

Like the Power Bots line, GIG also released the more simplified series of figures.

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