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Captain Power?

Captain Power Logo

This Korean line claiming to be Captain Power was made by Kangnam Model and, as far as knockoffs go, this one has a lot going for it. First-off, the color scheme is a fairly good fit with those seen in the original line, plus it's the only knockoff that I know of that includes decals!

Captain Power: (The soldiers of the future.) The Earth 2147. As a result of the Metal Wars one man for machine, machine wom. Bio Dread, monstrous creation that has traced human survivals and mechanized. Volcania center of the Bio Dread Empire stronghold and gortress of Lord Dread, fear ruler of this new order. But from the fire of the Metal Wars, new braves were born and trained to bring down Lord Dread and its Bio Dread Empire. They were soldiers of the fugure, Mankind's last hope.

The figure, numbered "set NO-8000" itself is basically a red Mars-Bit except for some green accent pieces and his back armor, which is the more streamlined piece from Jupiter-Bit complete with wing attachment points. Unlike most knockoffs, instead of just the base chest armor piece, this release created a combined piece that simulates both pieces. Since the Jupiter-Bit armor is a different shape the front and back armor desn't line up properly. Also, unlike the original release, this back armor connects to the backpack connection point via a post and the connection point hole has been covered and the number 1 placed there.

The packaging is very similar to the original release in size and layout.

Captain Power in box

Accessories for the figure are all provided on trees, although mine only came with one set of boot braces. Try Shot came cast in silver-grey and scotch taped to the red Black Chamber insert.

Captain Power box contents

The Decals

Main decal sheet Supplimental decal sheet

The decal sheets are rather poorly printed, unevenly cut and difficult to read but include the majority of the original decals from the first release.

The only decal I found missing is the white warning from the back of the Black Chamber case.

"Police" and "Try Shot" have been changed to "Power". The ZAC logo has been changed to the logo from the front of the box which appears to be a headless variation of the Captain Power eagle logo.

The instructions for this release were printed in black and white on the back of the box.

Captain Power box back with instruction

As you can see above, the instructions are from Mars-Bit and show the original back armor.

Also, the decals shown in the instructions are not the same as what is included in the box. Additional text was added to the top of the actual decal sheets and a few graphics are in different locations. One thing missed are some of the changed "Police" references and retains "Try Shot" and ZAC logo. In the places where the instructions did catch the change to "Power" the instructions use the Captain Power logo version instead of the more plain version found on the actual decals.

Silver Mars-Bit

Although I've only seen this one example, the "1" on the box makes me wish there were other versions out there. In fact, the silver and red deco on the box would look quite nice on one of these figures.

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