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What Almost Was:
The almost future of the Cybercops

The Nearly Sequel

According to the show's Wikipedia entry, the anime Armored Police Metal Jack was originally conceived of as a sequel to Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop before running into "complications" during production and eventually going it's own way.

Uchusen Magazine #102

In 2002, Uchusen Magazine published a two-page spread of original art by Tamotsu Shinohara which imagines the Venus-Bit armor as well as two additional Black Chamber accessories that could fill the empty spots in the original pack-in catalog. You can see a scan of the spread in the Cybercop - Os Policiais do Futuro blog post (in Portuguese) which is where I finally discovered where this image came from.


The Venus-Bit armor is depicted as yellow with a rocket pack that includes two long thin stabilizer wings that extend behind. The helmet is similar to Mercury-Bit with the addition of two large oval "ears" mounted on either side of the head.

Jet Pack

The image shows Jupiter-Bit wearing a large jet pack which is, unfortunately, split between the two pages.

Exo Skeleton

Mars-Bit gets the most extensive accessory, a partial exo skeleton which includes dual cannons and claw arms. The cannons appear to elevate for use against airborne enemies and include braces over the shoulders that lock down onto his torso armor. The two claw arms appear to be attached to the outside of his forearms and connected to the backpack.

The Cybercops Project

In 2008 a group of Brazilian Cybercops fans made an attempt to create a CGI sequal to Cybercops. Since the home page for this project is no longer online, I've mirrored their content on a dedicated page on this site.

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