Cybercops Data-Bit


Mercury-Bit as shown in the pack-in catalog

I refer to this version as the "deluxe" edition since it was packaged with Black Chamber 004 Slash Caliber. His special feature is a flap on his back that flips up.

Mercury-Bit deluxe version box
Mercury-Bit deluxe version box back
Mercury-Bit deluxe version box contents

STD Mercury-Bit

This "standard" version of this figure was available without a Black Chamber.

Mercury-Bit STD version box
Mercury-Bit STD version box back
Mercury-Bit STD version box contents

1998 Re-Release

In 1998, for the tenth anniversary, the show was released on home video and to go along with that they re-released the five figures. Unfortunately these reissues were of the Power Force figures in boxes with the same graphic design as the original Japanese releases. Like Power Force, the box window showed off the figure, Black Chamber and signature weapon. All of the details that were painted onto the US release were moved onto a decal sheet along with a single ZAC logo for the Black Chamber. None of the other original Black Chamber decals were included.