Cybercops Data-Bit

Jupiter-Bit mini-figure

The character of Jupiter-Bit was released as a mini figure with limited articulation and die-cast parts. While most of the figure is plastic, both lower legs are die-cast metal and have plastic armor plates that peg into each at the knee. The head and arms move, but in a basic 1970's Star Wars style. Like the STD releases, there was no Black Chamber or weapon included.

Jupiter-Bit mini figure in box
Jupiter-Bit mini figure back of the box
Jupiter-Bit mini figure box contents

Decals are included, but were extremely basic, either chrome silver or chrome red with no details. The graphic on the back of the box specifies where each decal should be placed.

There is a button sticking out of the back of the figure, but it appears to have no function other than to move the red piece of chest armor slightly.

Jupiter-Bit mini figure back view