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Cybercops in Brazil

In 1990, the Sato Company brought Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop to Brazil, where it was called simply Cybercop. The show, dubbed into Portuguese, became very popular. In fact, I've seen several people state that it is more popular there than it is in Japan.


Although the original figures were never released in Brazil, a company called Jobe Plas released rubber bendable versions of the armored Cybercop characters. There are almost always some on Mercado Livre, but usually in poor shape. I've only seen carded examples once and, since I haven't found any sites online with this information, I'm mirroring the image from that auction below:

Saturn-Bit and Mars-Bit Brazilian bendy figures on card
Saturn-Bit and Mars-Bit Brazilian bendy figures sealed on card. Photo by Zona Franca Comics, 2011

These bendy figures are new designs and not re-releases of the original smaller figures and were available individually. They are easy to identify in photos by looking at the arms; the Japanese versions have totally white arms posed at a 45 degree angle from the body. As you can see above, these have fully painted arms straight at their sides. By the packaging it looks like the did not release a version of Lucifer-Bit.



In 1992, Editora Abril began a Japanese TV Heroes comic Heróis da TV (Heroes of TV) which rotated between several different properties. There were 21 issues published with Cybercop featuring in issues 8, 12, 16 & 20.

Heróis da TV Cybercop logo

Both stories from Issue #8 are available online at thanks to Tokufriends:

For those who do not read Portuguese I have created an english translation of the first story from Issue #8. Fair warning though, I do not read Portuguese either, so the dialog is based on the assumption that Google Translate at least got the gist of the meaning correct.

Venus-Bit as she appeared in Heróis da TV Venus-Bit with her 'hairdryer' signature weapon from Heróis da TV

One highlight can be found in the second story of issue #16 where the armor for Venus-Bit, Tomoko Uesugi, makes its first appearance. The pink & white Venus unit appears, with the exception of the arms, to be more superhero spandex than armor. She also received her own signature weapon, described in the story as looking like a hair dryer by Jupiter-Bit. I have created an english translation of this story as well (the same caveats apply).

Almanaque dos Cybercop

This Cybercop almanac, published by Editora Abril, included a 1993 calendar.

Poster Book

The poster book, published by Editora Abril, is available online thanks to Tokufriends and


Appears to have been aimed at younger fans featuring SD versions of the characters, also published by Editora Abril and also available online due to the generosity of Tokufriends and

Home Video

The Portuguese dub was released on VHS and DVD in Brazil.

The Final Destination of the Armor

According to Wikipedia, Sato Company used the original armor in circus shows until it wore out and was sold in 2003. In 2014 a project was started by Eduardo Augusto to restore the armor.