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Devil Finalizer Robot TL-310

This is a knockoff of Jupiter-Bit and comes in two versions:

Magenta Version

Devil Finalizer Robot TL-310 in box

This version is similar to the Power Robot releases with a non-chrome body. In the box is a complete set of plastic gold chrome armor, white wings, flat grey Thunder Arm and flat grey Linear Speeder skates sealed in a bubble on a plain backboard.

Devil Finalizer Robot TL-310 contents

The back of the box includes the instructions and a photo of the chrome TL-312 figure.

Devil Finalizer window box back

Pink Chrome Version

This is the first figure from this line that I ever saw and is similar to the Power Bots releases and entirely chromed.

Devil Finalizer box front

The box is very similar to the non-chrome version but, instead of a window showing off the figure inside, there is a photo of the chrome version of TL-312. The back of the box also includes the same instructions but replaces the photo of TL-312 with separate photos of all four figures from the line.

Devil Finalizer box back

In the box are the same parts as in the non-chrome release. Thunder-Arm is silver, everything else is gold.

Devil Finalizer Robot TL-310 chrome version contents

It's fun to note that this is the only example of this line that I've seen where the checkbox on the top of the box is actually checked to indicate what's inside.

Devil Finalizer Robot TL-310 box top

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