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Devil Finalizer Robot

Devil Finalizer Robot logo

This line took me a while to track down. My first glimpse was a photo on a blog post of a pink all-chrome Jupiter-Bit figure in a torn-up box. The first word of the series name was torn off along with a good portion of the second so, for seven years, I could only refer to this as "D... Finalizer Robot."

In 2017 I was finally able to track down three sealed examples of the line; TL-310 (magenta Jupiter-Bit), TL-311 (purple Jupiter-Bit) and TL-312 (blue Mars-Bit). These examples were all non-chrome versions unlike the one shown in the blog post or in the photography on the boxes themselves. All three of the boxes have the parts list and instructions for the Jupiter-Bit version. According to the seller, these were released in Taiwan.

Devil Finalizer Robot 2017 acquisitions

The three boxed examples acquired from eBay in 2017.

Devil Finalizer window box back

They all came in identical window boxes.

Devil Finalizer Robot window box top

The top of the box includes spots where, if anyone cared, the factory could have marked which figure was actually in the box.

Devil Finalizer Robot window box top flap

The top flap shows chrome versions of the entire line.

In 2018 I found two more examples from the same seller, this time TL-310 (chrome pink Jupiter-Bit) and TL-313 (chrome green Mars-bit) in non-window boxes. In place of the window there is now a photo of the chrome TL-312. The top of the boxes is identical to the top of the window boxes but these lack the flap at the top of the box.

Devil Finalizer Robot 2018 acquisitions

The two boxed examples acquired from eBay in 2018.

Devil Finalizer box front

No surprise - both of these came in identical boxes too.

Devil Finalizer box back

You can find detailed entries for each figure below:

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